A Family’s Gratitude

As life begins to open up across the country, many feel they can finally exhale. For others, a great deal of stress remains. That can be said for our HCCF families whose children were diagnosed with cancer before or during the pandemic. They must try to press on as best as they can. HCCF is here to mitigate the stress families are experiencing as they navigate childhood cancer.

One of our mom’s shared this:” This foundation has got to be the most helpful financial assistance program ever, not just that but so heartwarming, giving, awesome people work for them. Helped pull us out of some tough financial issues we‘ve had with my son being in treatment, me having to leave my job, this program helped out more than I can even explain; THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH! from the bottom of my heart.” – Kahealani M.

We humbly ask for your continued support.