Travel Woes for Neighbor Island Families

L to R): Liane, Quinn, Jordan, Paige & Corbin

No family ever wants to hear that their child has cancer. One can only imagine what it might be like to also live on a neighbor island (like the Kawasaki Ohana) and need to take your child back and forth to Oahu for cancer treatments, during a global pandemic no less. The stress can be overwhelming. This is an all too real situation for several of our HCCF families, but we strive to mitigate that stress by providing them with the funds to pay for air and ground transportation, safe lodging and meals. Our goal is for families to be able to focus on their precious cancer keiki, not their finances. When they are back at home, we support them by paying things like rent, mortgages, utilities, car payments and repairs, medical bills and other eligible expenses not covered by insurance. Please help HCCF to support Neighbor Island families, and all our families struggling to stay afloat in this most difficult time.