Archive | February, 2021

An Inspirational Quest

Runner, Yoga & Fitness Instructor, Lindsay Brown, remains determined and downright cheerful in her quest to run a half marathon a day for 20 straight days to raise awareness and funds for HCCF. She is relieved her legs have held out and says her blisters are not slowing her down – nothing mole skins and […]

A Cancer Survivor’s Space Expedition

We celebrate Hayley Arceneaux (age 29), a bone cancer survivor and a PA (Physician Assistant) at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital who is joining a SpaceX launch crew that will depart earth later this year. She will also be the youngest American in space; another amazing accomplishment! “It’s going to mean so much to these […]

The Legacy of Coreen Oshiro Herzog

Coreen Oshiro Herzog was 12 when she was diagnosed with her second cancer: osteosarcoma and chondrosarcoma. Treatment for best chance of survival was radical surgery and extensive chemotherapy. Coreen never grieved the loss of her leg or her silky hair. She boldly faced each bag of poison to kill the cancer. Her DNA was to […]

Travel Woes for Neighbor Island Families

No family ever wants to hear that their child has cancer. One can only imagine what it might be like to also live on a neighbor island (like the Kawasaki Ohana) and need to take your child back and forth to Oahu for cancer treatments, during a global pandemic no less. The stress can be […]