Paint September Gold

A cancer diagnosis impacts the entire family and very often includes both emotional and financial stress. Parents and guardians want to focus their time and attention on the care and well-being of their seriously ill child but that’s very difficult to do when burdened by overwhelming medical bills and major income disruption (if one parent has to quit their job to care for the child).

These factors are a recipe for financial disaster and can send families into a tailspin. HCCF alleviates the financial stress on families through its Financial Assistance Program and allows caregivers to focus on their precious, cancer warrior instead of how they will pay for the out of pocket expenses related to cancer treatment.

For more information on this program, or other programs and services we provide, or to donate to HCCF, please go to Thank you for your generosity and continue support. Your help is powerful in the lives of children with cancer…because kids can’t fight cancer alone!