“All You Need is Love” Fundraiser

Aloha Friend,

We, like many of you reading this letter, have undergone the heartache of having a family member diagnosed with cancer. While the disease name or treatment may differ – the financial and emotional stress is often overwhelming.

Each year 50 to 60 families in Hawai’i hear the devastating news that their child has been diagnosed with cancer. Being new parents ourselves, we can’t even begin to comprehend how our world would flip upside-down if a doctor gave us this news.

As a teenager, Deane’s brother Kelly was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Although Kelly fought long and hard to beat the disease, in the end, cancer prevailed. During this battle, the family was carried by the LOVE of friends and family, as well as hundreds of selfless strangers, who did everything from donating platelets to volunteering time at the hospital.

Now as adults, we feel that it is our responsibility to fill the role of a stranger that helps to support other families going through similar strenuous times – which is why we’re writing you today.

Hawai‘i Children’s Cancer Foundation will hold its signature fundraising event at Murphy’s Bar & Grill on Saturday, June 23, 2012 as a way to raise funds for the Hawai’i keiki fighting cancer.

“All you need is LOVE…” is this year’s theme and we’d LOVE your support. Forms are enclosed to reserve a table or donate an auction item for this fun event. Or, simply go to www.HCCF.org to learn about other ways that you can help support this important cause.

Our most sincere thanks to you and the title sponsors for this event: Healthways, HMSA, and HMSA Foundation.

Deane Salter
Event Co-Chair

Monica Salter
Event Co-Chair


HCCF Reservation Form 3-12-2012

HCCF Donor Form 3-12-2012

HCCF Donor Letter 3-12-2012